Annual Report

Kendriya Vidyalaya BSF BAIKUNTHPUR

The Annual Report of the Vidyalaya


Honorable Chairman Vidyalaya Management Committee,  Shri T. G. SIMTE ,Commandant , CI , STC , North Bengal and other distinguished members of Vidyalaya Management Committee, Officials of all BSF Authorities, Head of various Institutions of SILIGURI, beloved parents, learned Staff and dearest students.


 Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen!


             It is my privilege today to present the Annual Report of the Vidyalaya for the Academic Session 2015-16 on the momentous occasion of the 6th Annual Day Celebration.

Our Vidyalaya has completed 05 years fruitful service to the nation since inception in OCTOBER 2010. May I extend my salute to all those commissioners, chair persons, principals, parents and staff who contributed their best to guide this great institution.  We are just waiting to get land for the NEW SCHOOL BUILDING VERY SHORTLY.  

 The Vidyalaya is committed to create an environment, which helps the young minds to blossom and at the same time provide a platform for thinking minds and for the holistic development of the personalities of the students.  It is our mission to strive for excellence in every field of work we take up each day.

 Mr.JAYANTA ROY SARKAR, PRT, Mr.SOUMITRA DEB TGT DRAWING has joined this Vidyalaya followed by   Mr. BHUPENDRA KARMAKAR Sub-staff on transfer.  Mr.SUMIT SHARMA PRT joined on fresh appointment this year.

May I now present the progress and achievements of our Vidyalaya in brief.  


 1.     Academic Performance:

First time our 38 student appeared class X , Board Exam 2016. We are expecting 100% result in this exam with 5 students of CGPA 10.


The expecting Performance Index in various subjects is about 70.  

1.    Student Achievers:

Hritik CHOUDHURY with 9.8 CGPA in class IX (2014-15) & KASHISH with 10.0 CGPA is the School Topper (2015-16).

3. Internal Examinations:

A total of 269 students enrolled in classes I to Vlll with 100% pass and in class lX out of 43 student 39 came out successful with a pass percentage of 90.6%.

Classes III to X followed the Continuous and comprehensive evaluation method and exams as per the recommendations of CBSE under the supervision and guidance of KVS. As a result of the remedial classes, intensive coaching, revision works and effective counseling programmes the pass percentage really went up and it is a proof   that the school has been imparting quantity & quality education throughout.


4.    Students’ Council:

To inculcate democratic values and nurture respect for the constitution in our students and to ensure that our students become active partners in the smooth functioning of the Vidyalaya, Students’ Council is formed. Students learn to be more accountable and responsible by being more active and creative with their role and assistance towards the overall progress of the school with productive contributions through the Students’ Council. A solemn “Investiture Ceremony” was conducted in July to take oath and to collect the badges.


5. Clean School Campaign:

The whole school is involved actively in maintaining the campus clean, hygienic and healthy.   Cleanliness drive is taken up almost in every month.  Awareness is created through talks, posters, planting more & more tree, Clean & Decoration class room events once in a month. Each class has a Swachhta monitor to take care of the overall cleanliness of the class room and the surroundings.

7. Co-curricular Activities:

To tap the potential in our students, we have a unique way of house system. Co-curricular activities are regularly conducted separately for Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary by way of inter-house competitions. These activities aim at enhancing their talents in different fields. To encourage prize was given them.

To develop leadership qualities, each house, in turn, takes up the overall responsibility of organizing the competitions. Class wise morning assembly is another platform for each and every student to show their creative potentiality.


8.  External CCA:

We, in this Vidyalaya, encourage students to take part in external competitions whenever there is a chance. Many of our students performed well and came out with prizes in KABADI, KHO-KHO, Dance, Solo Song, Drawing, Art, All India EssayWriting, Online Essay, Online Quiz and Young World Quiz conducted by BSF Authority organized a quiz competition & speech on Bharat Bangladesh Relation & our students actively participated in the programme & got the sixteen prizes .


9. CMP - Common Minimum Programme for the Primary Classes:

1. The first Cluster Level CMP was conducted at K.V Sevoke Road.

2. Educational trips being planned for the month of October.

3. Cluster Level CCA was conducted at K V.SEVOKE ROAD

4. Cluster Level Newsletter is being published and Class Magazine is also        published.

5.   Community Lunch organized, parent- teacher meetings were held frequently, Medical checkups taken up. BAL Divas, Mini Sports Day, Grand Parents Day were organised. Twenty students (below 10 Years) Cubs & Bulbul Utsav were held.   Saturdays are reserved for refresher courses, short workshops and meetings to rejuvenate the Primary education on a holistic basis.


9.  Celebrations:

Besides National Day Celebrations and regional festivals we had National Unity Day, Constitution day, National Education Day, Swach Bharath Abhiyan, Bal Swach Mission, Vigilance Awareness Week and Live Telecast of Prime Minister’s speech in the Vidyalaya. In addition to these, Children’s Day, Hindi Fortnight, Environmental Awareness Day, Communal Harmony Week, All Faith Prayer, Martyr’s Day, National Education Day, Science Day and KVS Foundation Day were celebrated in a befitting manner with great enthusiasm and passion.   


 10. Sports and Games:

Physical fitness is a pre-requisite for shaping a great future for skilled India.

At the Cluster Level

Students participated in two events KHO-KHO (Girls) with 12 students and won the Runner up Prize from KV Sevoke Road. In KABADDI (Boys) 12 students participated and won the Cluster Level competition, Out of them NIKHIL GURUNG & ANIMESH of CLASS - X   were selected for National level Kabaddi competition, which was held in Delhi.



In CMP Meet from Class III to VIII , total no. of participants were 28 out of which 08 students won the prize for different activities and sports.

The Annual Sports Day was held on 20.01.2016 in the vidyalaya.


11. Cluster Level Social Science Exhibition:

KV BAGDOGRA was the venue for the Cluster Level Social Science Exhibition on 17th & 18th AUGUST 2015.  Seven schools participated in dance, drama, song, quiz, debate and the exhibits. 

At the cluster Level our Vidyalaya won the following Prizes:

  1.  ANKITA MISTRY Class – IX  in English Debate -     2nd Prize (for and against)
  2. Hindi Skit –              2nd   Prize
  3. Exhibits –                 (selected  7)

     Out of 7 , one project was selected for the national.


12. Science Exhibition:

In the 42nd Jawaharlal Nehru Regional Science Exhibition Hrithik Choudhury of X participated in Guwahati Region.


15. Library:

In addition to the blog spot and digital library a career corner is opened in our library for easy reference on career opportunities. The total expenditure for purchase book for this year is Rs.40,000/- and in news paper & magazine for the benefit of the children is Rs.8,000/-. Various library activities has been carried out as per KVS norms from time to time for the core interest of our children.

16. Scouts and Guides:


 A girl Puja Kumari of Class X won the Rajya Puraskar during this Academic Year 2015-16

Scouts and Guides activities restarted in Our Vidyalaya under the guidance of four trained Teachers.


17. Computer:

With the emergence of computing technology, our school is using GLOBUS Projector and other IT equipment’s for e-class room teaching in the computer lab for all classes. Our vidyalaya consist of Broadband Internet Connectivity which is extended to almost all departments in the vidyalaya.

For maintaining the outside world keep track with the vidyalaya activities in term of academic or admission or any other activity , we are continuously trying our level best to enhance our vidyalaya website -


18. Intensive Training Programmes for Teachers:

KVS regularly conducts short-term work-shops and in-service courses.  

 Our teachers attended various Work-shops—like

  1. Twenty one day In-service course on Innovative Methodologies


  1. Seven day course for Bharat Scout & Guide training.
  2. One day UBI training programme on fee collection & for     SHALLA DARPAN.

19. Annual Academic Inspection :

The Assistant Commissioner of Guwahati Region Shri D. Patle with three Principals inspected the Vidyalaya on   15.07.2015 and 23.11.2015 and remarks good.


20.  Guidance and Counselling:

The overall academic ambience of the School is now more peaceful and totally stress free. The teachers who have attended short term workshop on guidance & Counseling are also contributing their best especially in providing  guidance on career choices for class x


21. AEP-(Adolescent Education Programme)

Special and combined classes and discussions are frequently held on topics like peer influence, peer pressure, gender equality, substance abuse and prevention of HIV and AIDS


22. Yoga:

  Yoga has found space and time in our Vidyalaya time table and is incorporated in the morning assembly as well and we are going to appoint a teacher after summer vacation.


23. Educational Trips

Study Trips and Excursions  are an integral part of the academic life of every KVian and this year in the first round,  our students  of classes VIII &IX could visit GURUDUARA  and the Buddhist settlements at SALUGARA for SARBADHARMA UNITY PROGRAMME on  Beden Powel Birthday Day celebration.


24. Students’ Diary:

Students of classes I to X got a copy of the Students’ Diary in the month of April 2015.


25. Vidyalaya Magazine:

  Vidyalaya Magazine is expected to be released in 2016.


26KVS Foundation Day:

The Vidyalaya celebrated the KVS Foundation Day with various cultural programmes ,  Vidyalaya geet, speeches , quiz  and  a cleanliness drive on 15th  December.


27. Hindi Pakhwada.

Competitions for both Staff & Students were held during the Fort night in September and prizes distributed.


28Parent –Teachers Association.

There was a total of 5 session of PTA meeting throughout the year out of which 2 special PTA meeting were done for the benefit of first Time appearing class X students. We are happy that parents are getting concern about their ward by giving +ve review regarding their ward and the quality of study in the school.




29.  Meetings

Staff Meetings, Library Committee Meeting, VMC meetings, Subject committee meetings and language committee meetings are a regular feature of the Vidyalaya wherein performance analysis of the various departments is done and new resolutions are arrived for further growth and progress.


30. Achievements of Teachers and Staff :

 Incentive Award was received by Mr. Ratan Kumar Mangar (lab attended) from KVS Guwahati Region.

31. Signature Campaign on Road Safety:

 A Signature Campaign on Road Safety after the Nantoor tragedy was initiated by the teachers and students under the guidance of the Principal to learn 10 Golden Rule for Road Safety and security.


33. Safety and Disaster Management

  We are always looking forward towards the safety and security of the school children during disaster management. For that we are giving small practical classes regarding any disaster such that during emergency, student can cope up with the situation.


34. Maintenance of the Vidyalaya:

For better safety and security of the students and the Vidyalaya in general, the construction of ramp for especially abled students completed.  Color washing of Primary building going on. Some old fans and electric fittings are replaced with new ones in the Secondary section and new 35 desk & Bench are purchased in 2015-16.


Drinking water facilities for the children & staff members has been smoothly done with the active help of BSF Authority i.e. daily procurement of water from Water browser vehicles, which is a great help for all of  our Vidyalaya family.


With the co-operation of all, we hope to offer our students a finer and safer ambience to be holistically skilled and nurtured to enter the 21st century.


   Thank you!                                                                      

   JAI HIND      


Date: 06-05-2016